Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Whats for rent?

So I rented a movie today. "Silent Hill."
Actually not that bad. A little slow at the start, lots of running and screaming, skittering undead, that sort of thing. Not completely bad. Its been a while since I've watched that sort of movie though. Think I need to ramp it up a bit. The acting was a little underwhelming, but the visuals were pretty neat. Some of it kinda looked like a "Tool" video (the band not the hardware) and some of the overhead shots looked like gameplay sequences.


I resigned from my job today as well. Funny, I found writing about the movie the more pressing subject. Guess it hasn't really settled in yet. I'm sure it will be real enough when that first paycheck doesn't come in. Honestly, it felt a little like I was breaking up with someone. I've been with the same firm for over five years. That's considered "mid-career" in a lot of industries. We'll (I'll) see how things pan out. At least I'll be back in school full time. Even if its just for a while.

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