Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Night Shift

So most of my free time at home has been spent running errands, working around the house on little projects, not contributing to my blog, and looking for a job. I've adopted the "make a to-do list and check things off" approach to my day to help me not slump into an all-youtube/all-myspace cluster[eff] (no cursing, remember?). "But, dub..." you say "dub, I thought jobs were easy to find and money grew on trees." Well, not exactly. US currency is made largely from denim. Sure, denim is made largely from cotton, but I don't count cotton as a tree. Its more of a bush in my book. And, of course, jobs _are_ easy to find. I've seen thousands of listings in the past few days. Its just the jobs that fit a schedule I'm willing to work [like not during school] with constraints I'm willing to operate within [i.e. not working a job where I get pooped on by texas longhorns twelve hours a day for the sole purpose of entertaining parliament...although, if the pay and benefits are good...] that are the more elusive. So, in this we have established that:

1. Money grows on bushes, not trees.


2. I just want a job that doesn't involve twelve hours a day of bull-s*** and a bunch of politics.


Added to my list this morning, before going to bed, is "take a picture of something and put it in your blog." That should be an easy one. So, hopefully, there will be a picture on this site within the week. There isn't a due date on it, but I know I don't like having stray little items on previous pages in my to-do steno pad. Yeah. My to-do list goes on a dated page in a steno notebook. If I don't finish something that isn't due at a certain time before I run out of page, then I have to transfer it to a current page and do it twice. If it gets passed up again, I have to transfer it to another page and go to the bank with no pants on. Just kidding. I never wear pants to the bank. They usually let me go to the front of the line just to get me out of there.


I'm actually not feeling very funny. I think that last one was a bit of a stretch.

Time for coffee and bed.

G'night, internet.


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